Glen Reid

I've learned many things in my life and the one thing I keep coming back to is expectant optimism, expressed through words, has the power to effect positive change in your life and in your world. Some things happen instantly while other things have to be worked at, which may be indicative of where your expectation is at in each instance. If I have anything to impart it's this : Never give up on a brighter tomorrow, because tomorrow is in your power. Once you've experienced being a winner in life all you need to do is recall how you achieved success and do the same things again if you find that it has all gone wrong.

Religion refers to the favor of God, which is in reality, just The Providence of the Universe, which is controlled by your attitude expressed through the words you choose to speak... eg... speaking prosperity expectantly will result in The Universe providing you with prosperity. The words you speak are like seeds and The Universe is the soil and the expectation you speak your seed with, coats your seed in fertilizer. Continuing to speak, what you've spoken, as affirmations of your seed, waters your seed, that results in your words being fulfilled within your reality.

Words have the power to build up and words have the power to tear down and having experienced that there is, for the want of a better description, a magic to words when one believes and puts faith in the power of their words to effect change... religion alludes to this magic, which it defines as prayer... but whatever you call it... it has been creating all of your tomorrows since you began to speak... eg... people who end up homeless have clearly been saying prior to it occuring something akin to "All is lost... there is no hope." and "I'm a loser and I'll always be a loser." Conversely, those that always seem to land on their feet in life have been saying things like "Everything is going to be alright." and "Where there's life there's hope." etc.