Glen Reid

In 2009 I changed my name from Glen James Thomas to Glen Reid to disassociate myself from names found in the bible, as my experience of it, and what resulted from that, could only be described as a ghoulish encounter with the black lagoon.

I was raised in the suburbs of outer western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia where our family, and later myself and my mother, lived in fibro houses that were considered accommodation for the most poor in Australian society.

After attending government schools I sought and was enrolled in schooling to obtain employment in the commercial radio industry as an announcer. My dream was premature however due to being only 16 years of age and this was to make life difficult in that gaining entry into the radio industry required starting out in country towns and no employer wanted to play nursemaid to a child. I gained employment at a jewelry and giftware store as a shop assistant serving customers which I stayed at for about 18 months until I obtained employment at a furniture store designing kitchens and serving customers with their other purchases.

Having now reached the age of 22 I was able to resume the pursuit of my dream to become a radio announcer and volunteered at a community radio staion where I learned a bit more about radio. I took the opportunity to use the facilities there to hone my skills at perfecting my audition tapes to send to program managers at commercial radio stations. I then quit my job and focused totally only on recording tapes and sending them to radio stations with a letter of introduction. My break came when I received a phone call from the radio station manager at 4ZR in Roma Queensland. I made my way hastily there and took up the role of night announcer and stayed there for 3 months until a more lucrative offer, in a more competitive market, came my way from 4WK Toowoomba, also in Queensland. My big break came 3 months later where I succeeded in obtaining employment in a capital city market on the number one station on the AM band, 4BH Brisbane. I was employed performing night time and midnight to dawn shifts. I was told I had broken a record for achieveing a position as an announcer in a capital city radio station due to how quickly I had gone from my first job in radio to the big time.